Who We Are

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How We Started

Andrea and I, started eByte Computers in December 2003.  I have over 15 years’ experience on working with Windows PC’s.  I built my first PC back in the Windows 98 days.  It was a 440BX motherboard made by Abit.  It was a insanely fast 733Mhz CPU from Intel.  It was the original Flip Chip designed CPU.  It had 256MB of memory and a real video card capable of playing Quake.  Wow, I was hooked.  I have never looked back with my hobby.  I have never purchased a manufactured PC since then.  My first and last prebuilt PC was a Compaq Presario 2400.

What We Do

I mainly handle the repair and research side of the business.  Andrea handles the accounting and marketing for the business.  This business is and will always be a part time business.  We plan to stay small, helping Home and Small Business PC users.

Where We Are Going

2009 will be our fifth year in business.  Thank you to all our customers and friends who have allow us to help them with their technology needs.  This year we have joined MerchantCircle.com and Blogger.com.  So look for comments and offers from us.  We have also been connected with several Affiliates programs, Google Networks, Linkshare and OneNetwork.  These compares most of the advertising on our website.

We also now are a authorized re-seller of AVG productsMischel Internet Security  makers of Trojan Hunter and Diskeeper products. We use and believe in these products.