Network solutions

We keep your network doing what it should when it should

eByte Computers provides prompt, professional Network Support services for businesses of all sizes in a variety of industries. We work closely with our clients to provide the best possible network support and quick resolution to issues, all while providing outstanding customer service.

We offer an incredible support service dedicated to rapid remediation of problems and problem avoidance. We leverage the best-in-class tools, applications, and support platform to pinpoint and remediate network problems before they become big issues.

Network Infrastructure

Given today’s diverse and complex network activities, pinpointing the direct cause of poor network performance might be difficult.eByte Computers can identify and eliminate problematic bottlenecks on your network, allowing you to reduce downtime costs, disruptions, and pressure on your users so they can enjoy stable and quick access to shared network applications.

Privacy and Security

If your devices are set up and connected via your network, you’re set, right? Maybe not, you could be leaving yourself vulnerable to cybercriminals who can get into your system and your private data. Networks are not always secure, especially if the only measure most people use is a network password. Securing your network against cybercriminals with eByte Computers is a smart move.

Connectivity Problems

Is your internet connection slower than usual? Are you having trouble with your high-speed cable or wireless service? Or maybe you can’t connect to the internet at all? Often a decrease in the speed is a sign of a problem in your network and not with your internet service provider. eByte Computers can assist you with all types of internet connection issues.

Data backup and management

Shocking statistics show that approximately 98% of businesses do not back up their data daily, and around 43% of companies that do undergo a critical data loss disaster (and who don’t have a data recovery plan), never re-open. We’ve worked with a range of businesses to help find solutions that work, to come up with a IT backup service that works for you.

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